Monday, June 21, 2010

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Downtown Farmers Market
Last Saturday was the first market of the season, and it was so much fun. The market is in Pioneer Park and runs from 8am to 1pm. Immediately walking into the market you can smell so many different things. It was crowded, but not too crowded. We wandered down all of the different aisles trying to take everything in. It was wonderful! Where else on earth can you find such an offering of fresh produce, great food, art, plants, and unique jewelry.
One of our first stops was not officially a market booth, but it used to be. Across on the street to the north of Pioneer park is a small waffle place named “Bruge’s Waffles and Frites”.

It is so authentic, you walk in and the staff were all speaking French to each other. We took a moment to look over the simple menu…..Waffles, vanilla or cinnamon, then you can add a topping if you would like. All sorts of toppings, from chocolate sauce, to bananas, ice cream to crème fraiche. I knew immediately that I wanted raspberries and crème fraiche. All of our waffles were delicious! Needless to say, it kicked off a Waffletastic weekend at our house.

Monday, June 7, 2010

One of my favorite things is my yard! I love all of my trees and plants, especially the plants in my garden. Finally after what we thought was the end of all of the snow and frost we put our garden in (little did we know that mother nature still had some snow in mind!)
We went to Western Gardens and gathered up all of the tomatoes I had my eye on, a zucchini, some pumpkin and cucumber seeds. I also grabbed a basil, oregano, cilantro, and rosemary.
As a family we planned out the boxes and carefully designated each spot for each plant.
I wanted to try different types of tomatoes so we did 6 different kinds of tomatoes.
Sweet 100’s, Early girls, Romas, Celebrity’s and Tigerellas. (there is one more but I forgot) I also planted black beauty zucchini and space saver cucumbers.
I personally think that the entire reason to have a garden is for the tomatoes. Think about it….salsa all summer, delicious pasta sauce, eating one right off the vine. Oh tomatoes is there anything that you can’t do?